Our cycling holidays in the Loire Valley

Travel the Loire Valley by bike with our organized tours to enjoy all the treasures, famous and discreet, of a region blessed by kings! An invitation to travel for all lovers of history and architecture, nature, good wine and gastronomy, to experience as a couple, with friends or with your children.

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Our cycle tours

Turnkey weekend and cycling holidays

fountain with Cheverny castle in the background

Explore the Loire Valley by bike thanks to our pre-mapped circuits

The Loire Valley is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its exceptional cultural landscape, marked by 2000 years of interactions between nature and humans. Discovering it by bike means taking the time to understand and contemplate the magic that has taken place there over the centuries.


With a “Ready to Go” stay formula, Trip à Vélo has put together turnkey weekends and cycling holidays for you to leave whenever you want, with family, as a couple, alone or with friends.

You can select the organized tour formula that suits you according to the themes, duration, destinations... all the ingredients for an unforgettable stay are there. Discover the most beautiful parts of the Loire by bike, hike among the AOC vineyards of the Loire Valley, treat yourself to castle life with your children by visiting the majestic Renaissance residences dotted all along the royal river, relax go green by pedaling through a mosaic of breathtaking natural landscapes…

And if by chance you don't find your happiness here, contact us ! At Trip à vélo, nearly a thousand kilometers of bike rides in the Loire Valley, from Orléans to Angers, have been covered to offer you the best with a selection of rigorously selected partners.

young woman in a canoe on the Loire in front of the royal fortress of Chinon