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What type of bikes and accessories do you offer?

What type of bikes and accessories do you offer?

We offer VTC (all-road bikes) for men, women and children of all ages (16-20-24 inches) as well as electric bikes.
Please note: The law prohibits the use of electric bicycles by children under 14 years of age. An electric bike can propel up to 25 km/hour, and in our opinion requires a certain maturity (time to adapt, ability to manage speeds and awareness of responsibilities).

For the youngest, we offer:

– The follower bike: without a front wheel, it attaches to the adult bike using a traction bar. Please note that the child will not be able to cycle alone.

– VTC 16 inches and more.

– The follow-me system allows children aged 5 to 8 or measuring between 1m10 and 1m35 to be connected to the adult bike or to pedal freely and whenever they want.

Helmet, anti-theft device, rear bag, front bag, luggage trailer, smartphone holder… you will find on each stay sheet the accessories included in our packages and the optional accessories.

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